Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy days pass till very fast ~

Although school reopened~
But like I said before got Charlei then is my holiday~

This year CNY really fantastic~
thanks to ah bii~ He san san fu fu apply leave to accom me~ i love you ! muax!
really happy to be with you ~  Had a lot special moments~ =)

The second time went KL with him~ 1st time took train ~ but we 2 very sei chun ~ left 1 stop earlier than the destination ... aikz.... but nevermind ~ Explorer~ hehe.. This trip actually like a pre celebration of valentines and our very 1st anniversary~ =)

my cute ah bii~  

the most natural us~ very comfortable when be with you ~ no make up also dare go gai gai with you~

i like this place~ beautiful and nice~ just the waiters there abit weird~


went bit tipsy ~ =P


the next day ~ abit hangover... drank too fast yesterday~ feeling not well and then stomach feeling not next time~ haha...

before meet my sis~ my sis met prime minister of Malaysia~ 
the middle one~ haha~ she's on the newspaper~took from sin chew~

meet up with ma sis ~ hang out together~ hehe... Fahrenheit - uniqlo~

 san fu ah bii want help me carry my luggage.. run here and there also sweat jo~ 

pass by aquarium~ sea horses~ hard to find it now~ 

meet with ah weng, ah bii's friend~ went to ikea ate meatballs ~ quite nice just bit weird to eat with jam ~ 
forget capture picture~ 

fun day ~



then sunway ~ superb nice~

had drinks with ah bii, sam, weng, calven and zac~ play the black jack till so late ~ haha... forget to take pics~ actually oso mm hou yi cc ask them take photo together la~ hehe... just we 3 syok sendiri~ =P


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